Friday, September 16, 2016

Vocabulary #3

coherent: logically connected
belabor: to explain or worry about too much
eschew: to abstain or keep away from
acquisitive: tending or seeking to acquire, often greedy
emulate: to imitate (someone or something) in an effort to equal or do better than
banal: lacking freshness or originality
excoriation: to denounce or berate severely
congeal: to change from a soft or liquid state to a solid state
carping: characterized by fussy or petulant faultfinding
substantiate: to show or establish by proof or strong evidence
temporize: to refuse to come to a decision in order to gain time
largesse: generous bestowal of gifts
tenable: capable of being held, maintained or defended
insatiable: that cannot be satisfied
reconnaissance: a survey or examination of an area
germane: random or unrelated
ramify: to divide or spread out
intransigent: refusing to agree or compromise
taciturn: stern and silent in expression and manner

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